How to buy a used iPhone

Watch This Before Buying a USED iPhone!

“I am. Especially like 6s. But I recently bought an iPhone X mint 256 gb for like 830 and till this day it’s going great. Honestly I like buying used iPhones”

“Been buying and selling second hand for almost a decade now . These are some good tips the biggest problem though is people claiming their iPhone is unlocked but in fact its carrier unlocked . Also it’s some huge myth that letting the buyer run the imei number is unsafe which it is fine”

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How to check a used iPhone before buying it.

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“Thanks brother! I am looking for buying an used iPhone from Gaffar market.”

1: Imei, warranty web, box imei

2: iCloud check

3: network check/not jv

4: finger/face id

5: physical buttons and conditions

6: Cameras check with picture/video

7: charging port

8: wifi and Bluetooth check

9: display check and 3d option

10: battery health 11: gps and gyroscope and call sensor