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2020 iPhone Guide: Which One Should You Buy?

“I’m thinking on getting the 2020 SE”

“Honestly a really helpful video, it helped me decide and it was enjoyable!”

“I’m getting the iPhone 12 pro”

2020 iPhone Buying Guide – Revisited (which iPhone should you buy?)

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iPhone 11 Pro
iPhone 11
iPhone XS
iPhone XR
iPhone SE (2020)
iPhone X
iPhone 8
iPhone 7
iPhone 6S 7:24
iPhone SE (2016)

I’m upgrading later this year from my 6. Planning on getting the 11 pro due to its size and future proof also the price will drop when the 12 gets released”
“I’ve had my old IPhone for almost 5 years and I knew it was time for an upgrade. This really helped me know which one was best for me. A brilliant video- thank you so much!”
My only gripe about the iPhone 6S is, that it is not waterproof, like the 7 and later. That apart, it’s pretty much ideal. It works like a dream. The other later stuff might be nice to have, but I don’t think I am missing out by not having them.
“I just got my iPhone 6s and it’s great it goes what I need but my recent iPhone the 5c was away but I feel that my 6 s was a big upgrade”